Mac users are four times more likely to upgrade operating systems

OS X Mavericks

Mac users are four times more likely to upgrade their OS, when compared to users of Windows, according to ComputerWorld. And that should surprise exactly nobody.

Mac users are almost four times more likely to upgrade to the latest edition of their OS in comparison with Windows users, with nearly a quarter of the most engaged users of both platforms now using OS X Mavericks.

First, the install base of the Mac is tiny compared to that of Windows. A higher percentage of Mac users understand how computers work, and so they therefore would already be more likely to upgrade. Second, Windows 8 (and now 8.1) has had issues among power users — many see it as a regression. Whether that’s fair or not, many power users have continued to use Windows 7.

Still, it’s an interesting advantage that Apple seems to have over its competitors in all areas: more of its users are on the latest version of its operating systems than any other competing platform.

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