How does releasing games through Apple, Valve, Nintendo and Sony’s digital storefronts compare?

How does releasing games through Apple, Valve, Nintendo, and Sony’s stores compare?

image and form

Swedish indie game developer Image and Form has released a game on iOS, and through Valve, Nintendo, and Sony’s digital stores. So, how does the process compare? Edge-Online asked:

Taken as a group, Sigurgeirsson would like to see “Apple become a bit more personal,” and for Nintendo and Sony’s submission processes to be standardised and streamlined. Sigurgeirsson describes Valve, meanwhile, as “a wonderful company to work with.”

Apple’s process is standardized, while both Sony and Nintendo have some quirks. Sony seems to be more friendly to developers than Nintendo, though. Valve, however, appears to blow both Sony and Nintendo out of the water. Apple’s situation is slightly different, as they welcome literally all games and developers into the App Store — it’s hard to be personal when there are thousands of submissions a week.

Overall, excellent read — check it out.

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