Thread Spotlight: Is Samsung actually that bad?

Thread Spotlight: Is Samsung actually that bad?

iphone plus-and-samsung-extrawideiFans forum member ThePodofi writes:

Before everyone freaks out let me explain. So it seems like hating on Samsung is the cool thing to do, kind of like how hating on Apple is for some people. Yes, they’re are those occasional “shady” stories about them. But lets be honest, every company has at one point or another, done something shady. You can hate on those commercials all you want, but they were brilliant. When it comes to build quality and “cheap” plastic, that’s all opinion.

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If comparing Samsung to Apple in this context, both companies have faced a fair amount of negative criticism. From poor working conditions at overseas manufacturers to legal controversies between the two tech giants, the media will look for any opportunity to bash either company. Sometimes it is done in the interest of generating pageviews, and more rarely it is the result of one of the company’s legitimate wrongdoing.

It is also interesting that some iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users are seemingly as patriotic towards their smartphone brand as they are to the country they live in, and that behavior certainly propagates some of the negative comments. But it’s important to step back and realize that, from the grand scheme of things, there are more important things in life than the type of smartphone one has.

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