OS X SSL bug still unpatched, four days and counting

New iMac

Apple has yet to patch the OS X SSL bug (i.e., gotofail.com) that was resolved when it released the iOS 7.0.6 update last week. While the Mac’s user base is significantly smaller than that of iOS, it stands to reason that tasks like checking into your financial institution, shopping, and other security-sensitive tasks are more likely to be done on the Mac.

Some are saying that the patch will come with OS X 10.9.2, which is presumably just days away from being released. Apple has done this before, by opting to include security patches with a larger system update than to release them separately.

Considering how easy it seems this bug would be to fix, I question whether that is the correct move. But seriously — more so than any small iOS bug or design issue, this is the most troubling problem I’ve seen from Apple in some time.

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