Should Apple create other office products?

Should Apple create other office products?

Mac Free PrinterBen Lovejoy at 9to5Mac writes:

I can’t help thinking there’s a lot of office technology that could use the Jony Ive touch. I’m not just talking about aesthetics. Anyone who has ever set up a typical wireless printer will likely remember the pain for some time. As Ive himself has said, design is not just about how a product looks, but also how it works.

I have always wondered why Apple has largely avoided the computer peripheral market. I can understand why it chose to drop printers from its product lineup when it was struggling in the late 1990s, but the company is sitting on billions of dollars in cash today and has no reason not to experiment… 

An interesting article on Macworld from some years back seemingly has the answer: there is no money to be made in printers, only printing supplies. It’s certainly an unfortunate truth, as I would do anything to replace my bulky Canon printer with one that is designed to the same standard as my Mac or iPhone.

By the looks of it, that will remain a pipe dream for now.

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