Android makes gains, but iPad remains best-selling tablet of 2013

iPad Air sideAccording to research firm Gartner, the iPad remained the best-selling tablet in 2013 thanks to worldwide sales of approximately 70,400,159 units on the year. The latest figures aren’t all good news for Apple, however, as the iPad saw its market share dip from 52.8% in 2012 to just 36.0% percent in 2013… 

Samsung was the runner-up with worldwide tablet sales of 37,411,921 last year, good enough for a respectable 19.1% market share. Asus, Amazon and Lenovo trailed behind with sales of 11,039,156 (5.6%), 9,401,846 (4.8%) and 6,525,762 (3.3%) respectively. Other vendors made up the remaining 31.0% market share with 60,656,161 tablet sales.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.40.37 AM

In reporting its findings, Gartner emphasized that Android captured 62% of the tablet market. What is important to note here is that the iPad is the only iOS-based tablet, whereas there are hundreds if not thousands of Android tablets on the market. As a result, the statistics are going to be skewed based on operating system.

[Gartner via 9to5Mac]

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