Ayeris for iPad now available

Ayeris-iPad-1024x599We told you about Ayeris for iPhone and iPod touch less than a month ago, but Surenix isn’t stopping. His beautiful new theme for iOS 7, which made a splash with its original remakes of standard iOS 7 icons, is now available for iPad. Many argued that the original version didn’t deliver for its price, but if you’ve already purchased the iPhone and iPod touch version, grabbing Ayeris for iPad might be worth it.

As you might expect, Ayeris for iPad is almost identical to its iPhone and iPod touch counterpart; it’s just now suited for the big screen.


If you purchase Ayeris for iPad by itself, you’ll be out $3.99 on the Cydia Store. However, if you’ve already purchased the original, the iPad version is only $.99. Likewise, if you purchase the iPad version today, the original is only $.99.

via iDB

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