Reddit thread shares some funny stories about working for Apple support

Reddit thread shares some funny stores about working for Apple support


Everyone loves Reddit, and this particular thread caught my attention. User apple_throw apparently just quit his job working for Apple support (i.e., AppleCare), and he has shared various tidbits and stories from his time there. The funniest? That’s easy:

Had a girl who had a phone that was shocking her — Literally, like, shocking her if she touched it. She had dropped it and damaged the bezel / enclosure and somehow turned the phone into a little shock box. I was asked to speak with her about it over her landline phone, and she literally just would. not. stop. touching the thing.

“Ma’am can you please not touch the device?”

“OK, well, it doesn’t really hurt that much when I do…”

“Please, just don’t touch it, OK?”

“OK. OW!”

“Ma’am did you touch the device?”

“Oh its OK — I can use it this way. OW!”

This sort of thing went on for 10 minutes until I finally convinced her she HAD to stop touching the device and to bring it to us. She could have been trolling but she sounded pretty authentic.

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