How do you feel about full-screen iAds?

iad-200x200As AdAge reported yesterday, Apple will soon be bringing full-screen video iAds to a free-to-play game near you. Free games will of course not be the only place you’ll find the ads, but games in general are where the money is if developers want to make money on a free app (see: Flappy Bird, etc.). As users become more aware of ads and the tricks developers use to get you to tap them, though, ad services have to make their ads a bit more intrusive to keep clients…

Apple will roll out new video iAds this year that will automatically play full-screen within iPhone and iPad apps, according to people with knowledge of Apple’s plans. Currently someone has to click a mobile banner for a brand’s video iAd to play.

My question to you is: How do you feel about these new–automatically-playing–full-screen ads? Sources for AdAge report that the ads are “interstitials,” meaning that they abruptly interrupt you when you’re using the app. Would such ads keep you from downloading an app? Would the inclusion of full-screen iAds in an update prompt you to delete an app? Let us know.


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