Review: Thoughts on the ChargeKey

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Battery life on mobile devices isn’t great. The iPhone has some of the better battery life in the industry, but even it pales in comparison to the week-long battery life of the dumb phones of the past. There are two solutions. The first involves having a bulky battery case on your iPhone at all times. This works, but it completely ruins the svelte design of the iPhone. The second option is to try and have power anywhere you go. ChargeKey, meet my pocket.

Nomad bills themselves as creators of accessories for the those on the go, and the ChargeKey is their proof of this. The tiny accessory fits on any keyring, and therefore can be stashed in a pocket, purse, or anything else that you might be carrying on you.


The ChargeKey is made of two materials: rubber and plastic, or so I believe. Most of it is flexible, meaning that you don’t have to worry when throwing it in your pocket with change. This little device is made very well, so I don’t have any concern that it might fail the test of time.

The ChargeKey is $29 — somewhat high, though you have to remember that this is a Lightning cable. If you find yourself in need of a way to connect your iPhone to a power source (or even just to your laptop), but don’t want to carry around a long cable that might get lost, I highly suggest checking the ChargeKey out. It’s found a permanent home on my keychain, and I’ve already used it to get enough juice to make that one last phone call at the end of the day. That, alone, is worth the $29.

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