Do you still use a classic iPod?

Sad iPodAmazingly, there are now kids in middle school young enough to have never personally owned one of the classic iPods. They’re probably familiar with what an iPod is and, of course, they’ve seen an iPod touch, but they’ve probably never owned an iPod nano nor one of the old “video” hard-drive iPods…

The iPod nano was my dream device when I was in middle school. The second-generation iPod nano was slim, tiny, and held up to 4 GB worth of music. Amazing. But do I still use it? Definitely not. And, in fact, I can’t name a single friend that still uses a classic iPod of any kind–not even the iPod classic.

I’m curious about the iFans community: Do any of you still use any of the classic iPods on a daily basis? Obviously, the iPod classic, which ironically may or may not qualify as a classic iPod considering they’re still being sold, is the most likely candidate for those of you that still use an older or hard-drive based iPod. Let us know in the comments if you still use one of these dinosaur devices.

Remember the 6th generation iPod nano? I still kind of want one.

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