FaceTime Plus is a ‘Chat Roulette’ site for Apple’s video calling service

Facetime Plus 2014-03-09 19-08-04 2014-03-09 19-08-05A new website called “FaceTime Plus” has popped up, allowing you to exchange emails in order to meet and greet other FaceTime users across the internet.

FaceTime Plus, like the infamous Chat Roulette service, matches you up with another random FaceTime user; you don’t have any control over who’s email you receive, and you don’t have any control over who receives your email. But the service is simply that; you can’t actually use FaceTime from within the browser of course. FaceTime Plus is simply for exchanging email addresses.

Simply head to the FaceTime Plus website, and provide your email address. Once you’ve entered your address, you’ll see the address of another FaceTime Plus user and you’ll be given the option to call them via FaceTime. You don’t have to sign up to use the service and removing your email is just as easy as providing it.

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Source: FaceTime Plus

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