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Brainwavz | In-Ear Monitor | $ 22.50


Brainwavz has always been one of my go-to companies when it came to affordable headphones and audio gear.  Recently, Brainwavz has come out with quite a few new IEMs, one that took the slot right below flagship, one midrange (for them), and then there is the delta, coming in towards the low-priced spectrum.  The Brainwavz Delta still proves to not only be stylish, but sound good while at it. 


Drivers: 8 mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 100 dB

In the Box

Brainwavz Delta
Silicone Tips (S/M/L)
Foam Tips (M)



The bright, shiny housings of the Delta quickly catch the eye.  They are lightly colored with a touch of red here and there to step away from the white and silver color scheme.  The red end cap holds the Brainwavz logo in it.  The design is actually quite polished and metal; not something that you’d expect from an IEM in this price range.  With that said, the design is definitely attractive while the color scheme works for both guys and girls.


Design: ★★★★


The Brainwavz Delta’s signature is actually quite neutral with a slight low-bass focus which adds a subtle punch to the signature as a whole.  That said, the signature can be a little cold at times since it is close to neutral.  So signature-wise, it aims to be accurate.  That is rarely ever seen for a 20 dollar set of IEMs.

brainwavz delta

The low-end of the Delta is actually going to be the most sound part of the spectrum.  There is a nice, firm slam to the low-bass that is subtle in its own way and not overpowering.  The added tightness of the midbass allows the bass to be punchy while the low-bass allows you to feel the quick, impactful punch.  The sub-bass offers a solid feel to it, although a bit more fluidity would be welcomed.  Overall, the presence in the bass regions is well-defined.

Going on to the midrange, some may find the Delta to be a little on the aggressive side with the way it presents the details.  That said, the IEM is quite detailed in its own manner.  The upper midrange clarity is presented thoroughly without overdoing it.  The vocals focus on the upper-ranges, the sweeter side of things.  If it needs to be lush, it will offer that bit of lushness though.  Overall, the midrange can be thought of as aggressive and brighter since it is closer to neutral.

Going up top, the treble can be a bit thin and edgy at times unfortunately.  It offers quite a bit of energy and detailing.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t separate the notes as well up top, nor does it extend too far.  The lower treble is much better presented offering strong detailing and extension.  The lower-treble also offers good presence.  Overall, I feel that the Delta do try to be accurate in the treble, but it’s overdone up top.

Audio: ★★★★


For twenty dollars, you’ll be receiving the IEMs barebones.  So there won’t be any case included.  However, I would recommend coughing up an extra 6 bucks to purchase a case for the Delta (the case is actually quite nice) in the long run.  Not that I foresee any Deltas going bad because of it.

Brainwavz decided to construct the entire housing of the Delta in metal (they’ve been doing this with a lot of their most recent IEMs actually: M5, R3, etc.).  That said, the housings are resilient and strong; they’ll easily survive in the long run.  A strain relief comes out of each housing and its amply sized and flexible.


The cabling seems to be composed of rubber, similar to the grade that Apple uses on their headphones.  The cabling is slightly thicker overall, but not too much thicker.  Like many IEMs, the cabling in the upper half is thinner than that in the lower.  It feels a little thin up top, but the lower half of the cabling is amply sized for on-the-go use.  Overall, I’m confident in the cable still.


The headphone jack is angled at 45 degrees and has a nice long strain relief that comes out of it.  The relief is very pliable and its length should protect the cable connecting to it.  The jack and strain relief are both one piece and made of a rubbery-plastic material that seem strong enough.  The jack is gold plated as well.

Build: ★★★★


Brainwavz designed the Delta with a regular shape we see for IEMs.  The housings are lightweight and small in size.  This makes them ideal for long listening sessions.  Included in the packaging are 3 pairs of silicone tips as well as one pair of Comply Foam tips.  The Delta are quite comfortable for listening sessions, long and short.


Comfort: ★★★★


The Delta come priced at an extremely affordable 22.50 USD.  The sound isn’t perfect and definitely has its weaknesses up top, but compared to others in its price range, it fares much better.  The IEMs are built very well and comfortable.  Overall, the Delta are a great package for the price they sell at.  If you can’t drop a fifty on a pair of IEMs, this may be a decent substitute.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

As a new entry-level IEM, the Brainwavz Delta does a lot of things that most manufacturers wouldn’t.  The housings are entirely metal and the build is great overall.  The sound offered won’t blow you away if you’ve used some slightly more expensive models, but it’s not the worst out there.  The Delta make a great burner set, and, at 20 dollars, are a great value.

I’d like to thank Raz for the product sample.

Overall Score


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