Review: Seidio Dilex (with Metal Kickstand)

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Seidio is a manufacturer that has a small range of cases that vary with protection.  From their smaller, thinner Surface case up to their heavy duty Convert.  Between these two is a case called the Dilex.  All these cases come with plenty of options, color and kickstand options but also have their own holsters that are available (sold separately). 

In the Box

Seidio Dilex


The Dilex comes in a two-piece design.  Internally, there is a black silicone layer that contacts your iPhone and shows itself a bit outside the outer polycarbonate shell.  This outer shell is available in a variety of colors: black, gold, white, green, red, purple, and blue.  Although these shells can theoretically be swapped out, they aren’t sold separately (nudge, nudge Seidio).  The design of the Dilex is quite edgy, but the matted color also makes it easy on the eyes while the contrastrasting lines work well to define its shape.  The design itself looks very nice.


Design: ★★★★


The materials used on the Dilex are actually quite good, quality wise.  The silicone proves to be a little thicker and denser than most silicone cases I’ve used and doesn’t feel gaudy.  The silicone does have a bit of a silicone fragrance to it when you first get it.  The smell does go away with use though.


 The polycarbonate, out shell has a subtle, but nice, rubbery texture on its exterior that adds provided grip, it too is of a good thickness.  The metal kickstand is very nice to the touch because it’s spring loaded and magnetic.

Build: ★★★★½


On the protection-side of things, the Dilex does offer a bit of dual-layer protection.  Silicone does a great job at absorbing impact so that layer is nice to have.  The exterior side will protect the silicone from gashes and will protect the device from harder things.  Dual-layer protection is not new, and this does a good job with it.


The buttons are completely covered with the case all around.  Although its only a layer of silicone between the button and the environment, it’s sufficient.  The dock is left exposed for port and speaker access as well.  The other part that is left exposed is the camera as well as the silent switch.


So although its no Otterbox of LifeProof, the Dilex is still a pretty good device when it comes to protecting your device.  And for everyday accidents, the Seidio Dilex is more than sufficient in terms of protection.


Protection: ★★★★½


One of the reasons you get the case is for protective qualities.  Another reason is for design standards.  Both of which, the Dilex actually does well.  There is a third reason that doesn’t always pass your mind, convenience.  One of the main features that the Dilex offers (and many of Seidio’s offerings) is the ability to add a (permanent) kickstand to it for 5 bucks.   The kickstand is actually quite nice and works well, though it’ll only function in landscape mode.


On the other end of things, when you first get the case, it does have a subtle silicone smell.  As I stated, it goes away with use, but that smell does rub off on your device and hands unfortunately.  This may be a turn-off for some.

Reuse: ★★★★½


Seidio sells this case right around 35 dollars.  It’s built quite well with materials that feel great in the hand. Additionally, it has the kickstand built in which may or may not be something people are looking for.  Then comes the subtle smell of silicone which shouldn’t be there, but does go away (mostly).  For 35 dollars, this isn’t a bad buy.


Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

I have to say that I was impressed with the Seidio case.  It had a slightly rugged feel to it rather than a slick one that you’d get from something like a CandyShell.  The materials feel nice while the design and kickstand work well for it.  Overall the case is a good case.

I’d like to thank Jackie for the product sample.

Overall Score


Seidio Dilex (with Metal Kickstand)


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