Exciting new ProWidgets tweak coming soon to iPhone and iPad

prowidgetsIt’s not often that I stumble across a tweak that I think is going to make waves in the jailbreak community. But that happened today, and the tweak is called ProWidgets. It comes from well-known jailbreak developer Alan Yip, creator of StatusHUD 2 and AltKeyboard – and now ProWidgets.

The tweak features many widgets, as you might expect, including:

  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Browser
  • Alarm

..and more. How many more? Potentially unlimited more. Because Alan is releasing an API that will allow developers to create their own widgets for ProWidgets, using JavaScript and/or Objective-C.

As noted by Jeff over at iDownloadBlog, users will be able to drag, drop, maximize, and minimize many widgets on-screen at once. These widgets can be activated many different ways including Activator gestures (of course), Control Center shortcuts, and Notification Center shortcuts as well. These widgets will be available from anywhere, on both the iPad and its large amount of screen real-estate, but also on the smaller iPhone screen.

There’s no word yet on when the tweak will be available, but it’s likely that we won’t see it until it’s completely functional and free of bugs. We’re also not sure of the pricing model yet, but at this point, that doesn’t really matter. The tweak could evolve substantially before seeing public release. We’ll see.



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