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There are three main reasons to purchase a case.  The first is for protection, the original reason to get a case, protect your 600+ dollar device from damage.  The second is for some sort of convenience; a built in battery, kickstand, etc. can come in handy at times.  The third is design.  Although id America doesn’t focus on the last one with their Cushi case, they do put some thought into the second…  But it’s the third reason that would cause you to want one of these. 

In the Box

Cushi Case


As I stated, the main reason why you’d get the Cushi Case is for the minimalistic design with an added touch of customization.  The rear-side of the Cushi Case has a design on it, that design is one of twenty total designs.  Each design is unique in its own way, the majority (not all) are actually quite creative and attractive.  Some take advantage of the depth and layer than the Cushi material has to offer.  The rest of the case is a plain silver design that sparkles just right in the proper lighting.  The design of the case is actually quite nice overall, and it’s (almost) unique to you.


Design: ★★★★


When you first get the Cushi Case, all the craftsmanship and materials seem of good quality.  The Cushi material is soft to the touch and doesn’t seem prone to tearing.  The material is soft to the touch and very squishy (might be why they call it Cushi).

There is an outer coating on the case that tries to give the plastic portions a subtle texture and sparkle.  Overall, the plastic seems strong and study. However, in the long run, you may find that the nice, sparkly silver finish wears off and turns to a dull white.



Build: ★★★★½


id America states that the spongy material on the back of the Cushi Case should soften the blow from falls.  I actually think that it’s a great idea at heart, and if my college physics course has anything to say, should actually lower the impact of drops…  That is assuming that the case lands flat on its back.


The rest of the protection that you are given is from the plastic that’ll cover the majority of your phone.  The sides of the phone are covered well, however, the top and bottom (dock) of the phone are left entirely exposed.  I do understand why the bottom would be left exposed, but leaving the entire top exposed makes little sense.  The volume rocker is also left exposed to allow access.


Around the back of the phone, the Cushi navigates its way around the upper left hand corner of the iPhone where the camera (and flash) is located.  The plastic forms a rim around this area.


Protection: ★★★★


If you are looking for Otterbox-style protection, the Cushi Case won’t give you that.  However, if you want a minimalistic, stylish case, then this would be the direction to go.  The case is very low profile and unobtrusive.  The back of the case is expressive as well.  Overall, this case won’t give you the side-features like a kickstand or wallet, but it doesn’t need to.  The style and size of the shape is more than enough to keep people who want a small case to continue using it.

Reuse: ★★★★


Coming in at just under 20 dollars, the Cushi Case is at the entry level for cases.  Although the Cushi Plus (also by id America) offers the same general design principles for 5 dollars less, it’s also older.  The Cushi Case actually seems priced pretty competitively for what it offers.  The design is very attractive and it does offer the minimal amount of protection that you’ll need.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

For everyday use, I feel the Cushi Case is a fun, attractive case to have for those slipups.  Actually, that really sums up the Cushi Case quite nicely.  It’s designed well and gives ample protection.  It definitely is a case I’ll continue using.

I’d like to thank Mara for the product sample.

Overall Score


id America Cushi Case


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