LeBron James feels sick about the Galaxy Note

Miami heat lebronAs anyone would often do, basketball all-star LeBron James of the Miami Heat tweeted to vent his frustration about his smartphone crashing and erasing all of his personal data. The only problem? James is paid to endorse the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone, which just happens to be the same handset he tweeted angrily about.

“My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted,” tweeted James. “One of the sickest feelings I’ve ever had in my life.” Unsurprisingly, considering his deal with Samsung, the tweet has since been deleted. But this is the Internet we’re talking about, meaning that retweets and screenshots are already out there by the dozen… 

Just moments later, the Twitter for HTC USA took advantage of the situation by tweeting that “maybe the world’s best player needs the world’s best smartphone.” The Taiwanese handset maker is set to release the next-generation HTC One in mid-April, according to rumors.

What do you think of the situation?

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