Real iOS 8 icons leak, show new “Healthbook,” “Preview,” and “TextEdit” apps


Screenshots of iOS 8 surfaced yesterday showing new icons for presumably upcoming “Hrealthbook,” “Preview,” and “TextEdit” apps. While Mark Gurman reported on the inclusion of Preview and TextEdit  in a separate report, the above screenshot claiming to represent iOS 8 showed up on Weibo as well. According to Gurman, the images are legitimate.

Obviously, those are not likely going to be the icon designs that Apple ships. Though these images are indeed legit, they aren’t necessarily representative of the final product.

As for the “Tips” icon, Gurman says that he’s not quite sure what it’s for. “But it is probably a user-guide of some sort,” he said.

Gurman says he’ll have more news on Healthbook in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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