Poll: Is your iPhone or iPad faster on iOS 7.1?

iOS 7 ScreenMultiple reports are claiming that iOS 7.1 delivers significant speed improvements on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You will have to settle for no jailbreak and alleged decreases in battery life, but iOS 7.1 is said to be a fantastic update that is worth installing… 

BGR writes:

Using iOS 7.1 on an iPhone 5s and an iPad Air feels like a fresh new experience. Opening and closing apps is faster, the transition animations are faster, and it seems as though the software now recognizes taps even before Apple’s zooming transition animations are completed, making the OS feel even more responsive than it already was.

So, my question to the iFans community is, have you noticed your device is faster on iOS 7.1? Is it a noticeable speed increase, and are there any areas in particular that have seen a sizeable bump? Let us know in the comments section down under, and be sure to include details about your device.


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