Apple supposedly launching 8GB iPhone 5c tomorrow

Mara_iphone5c_blue_angle1Well this was unexpected. According to a variety of reports across the web today, Apple is planning to launch an even cheaper iPhone model tomorrow: an 8GB iPhone 5c. Apple hasn’t talked publicly about how well the cheaper, colored version of the iPhone is doing, but rumors say that it’s not performing as well as its two brothers.

The rumored device will retail for 60 euros less than the current 16GB model. Why euros? Well, the rumors are originating from Germany, where ”Caschy’s Blog” published an internal email from O2, which was obtained via a “trusted source.”


Also, an Engadget reader has anonymously sent in the packaging from one of the devices, most likely proving that they have one in-hand:


The device is rumored to be launching tomorrow, March 18th.

Obviously, there’s no word yet on what the pricing would be for such a device in the U.S. But what would you be willing to pay assuming the device does make its way across the Atlantic?

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