Jailbreak tweak ActiPizza lets you use Activator to order a pizza

iPizzaThis is amazing. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you’re almost surely familiar with the Activator jailbreak tweak. Many other tweaks require it to work, and now that list includes ActiPizza–a tweak that will order a pizza for you provided you trigger it with Activator.

Assign this tweak to the “Device Shake” event, and watch as Papa Johns arrives at your doorstep continuously throughout the day. As you most likely assume, though, this tweak is of course compatible with all of the different Activator actions. Options include “Triple Click the Home Button” or “Slide Up from Device Bottom-Left” for example.


The tweak is currently only compatible with Papa Johns, asking for your online ordering credentials for that pizza place. Below that, you’ll see options for pizza size, quantity, and your preferred topping. ActiPizza isn’t yet available, but is currently in development by a team over at the jailbreak subreddit.

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