Samsung attacks iPad in latest TV ad

Samsung has uploaded a new one-minute advertisement to its YouTube channel entitled “it can do that,” in which the South Korean company expressively bashes the iPad in favor of its own Galaxy Pro Series tablets. Samsung refers to the iPad as being unable to do more than one thing at a time, while emphasizing that the Galaxy Pro Series tablets have higher resolution screens than Apple’s well-known Retina display. That’s the tip of the iceberg… 

This time around, Apple wasn’t the only competitor that Samsung attempted to cut down in this advertisement. The infamous Microsoft Surface tablet is sarcastically referred to as a laptop, presumably because of the touch keyboard and other accessories that it comes with. The popular Amazon Kindle is also criticized for being unable to do virtually anything but read books.

Samsung has a long history of releasing TV advertisements that go against Apple, perhaps none better known that its mockery of customers that wait in line for new iPhones, iPads and so forth. I don’t feel that there is anything too wrong with the commercials, which closely resemble the Mac versus PC ads of the mid 2000s, but a line does have to be drawn somewhere.

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