Speedy Homey speeds up your iPhone in a way you wouldn’t expect

Home2A new tweak by the name of Speedy Homey was recently released, and it speeds up your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad experience in an interesting way. No, it doesn’t try to do any “hardware acceleration” or anything like that. Rather, Speedy Homey simply disables the ability to double-click the device’s home button.

But how does this speed up your phone? When you’re in an app and you press the home button, there’s actually a slight delay before you’re taken back to the Springboard. Why? Because your device has to wait to see if you click the home button twice rather than once. With Speedy Homey, pressing the home button will have no delay and you’ll be taken back to the Springboard immediately.

But many of us are so used to double clicking the home button that the confusion that would come with this change might not be worth it. How do you feel about this tweak? Let us know in the comments.

You can get SpeedyHomey on Cydia for free, and it’s compatible with 64-bit devices as well.

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