Would you buy an Apple TV (or any revolutionary TV)?

Apple TV CallRumors have been circulating for quite some time that Apple plans to eventually enter the television market in some way. Steve Jobs’ introduction of the Apple TV set-top box was a bold move, and showed that the living room is definitely a place Apple wants to be one way or another. But what about an actual television set? How would Apple change the way we watch TV, while still making a profitable and affordable device that everyone would feel inclined to buy? We really don’t know whether or not Apple even plans to enter the TV market. But if they did, would you be interested?

There are some who are so die-hard Apple that they’ll buy any and everything the company releases. When it comes to the living room TV set, though, I think less would be inclined. Because if you’re an Apple fan, you probably watch less and less TV every day. Now that I have an iPad and an iPhone and a Mac, watching TV (in the traditional sense) is something I don’t commonly do. Instead, I’ll lay in my bed and watch Netflix alone. This question is not so much asking whether you would buy Apple’s TV, but rather whether or not you would buy ANY drastically improved television.

What do you think?

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