The iPhone 5c outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone, and every Android flagship in Q4 2013

iOS 7 on iPhone 5CWhile the iPhone 5c may not be performing nearly as well as its big brother, it’s still doing fairly well. So well, even, that according to AppleInsider, the phone sold better than Blackberry, Windows Phone, and every single Android flagship device released in Q4 2013. The phone, most notably, outsold the Samsung Galaxy S4 on half of American top carriers.


What’s even better? Apple’s position in the smartphone market it so strong that its devices comprised of 80 percent of premium phone sales in China76 percent of all smartphones in Japan, and 45 percent of all smartphones sold in the United States. All three of these are quite impressive feats.

Basically, the device which is reportedly one of Apple’s biggest flops in decades, really isn’t a flop at all.


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