What if the iWatch had a click wheel?

Apple's previous-generation iPod nano stylized as a wearable watch.

One Reddit user has brought up a good point. The famous click wheel, which you will find on almost all iPod models besides the shuffle and the touch, could potentially be a great addition for the rumored Apple iWatch. With the iWatch possibly being round in shape, a click wheel would be a great, intuitive mode of controlling the device, and would mean the rebirth of one of Apple’s most iconic inventions.

By over-swipification, I mean that you have to swipe twice to see the calendar, swipe thrice to see messages, etc. By having the frame be a physical navigator like the first generation iPod wheel I would like to imagine a more sophisticated navigation, despite its small screen.

What do you think of this idea? Obviously, the click wheel on an iWatch would not be as large as that of the iPod version. It could simply rest along the bezel for easy navigation.

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