New tweak “Dated” lets you customize timestamps

A new tweak called Dated is now available, which allows you to customize the timestamps within It lets you add some more specific time information, as well as get rid of details you might not want.

Ever wished Messages’ timestamps said a bit more? Can’t remember the date at the end of a long conversations? Want to get rid of the parts you don’t care about? Dated allows you to have full control over Apple’s own timestamp generation engine, with localization and styling gruntwork done for you. You’ll never be more satisfied with your timestamps again.

The tweak, notably developed by famed jailbreak developer Insanj, a member of the iFans forums and developer of tweaks such as Orangered and others, is available on the Cydia store right now for $0.99. It should “play well with all iOS 7 devices” according to the app’s description on BigBoss.

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