Evidence of new MacBook with retina display surfaces

MacBook AirA new MacBook is currently in the works, and is set to be announced soon according to a reliable forum poster at Chinese site WeiPhone. 

12-inch MacBook with new design + Retina Display:

Smaller MacBook with entirely new design
Launching in either Q2 or Q3 of 2014
12-inch screen, but as portable as current 11-inch MacBook Air and productive as 13-inch MacBook Air
Higher-resolution display (Retina)
Will “redefine laptop computing” once again just like the current MacBook Air design
Thinner/lighter than MacBook Air, new clamshell structure
Will run on Intel chip, not Apple-based A8 processor
Potentially lower-cost than current Apple notebooks

Most notably, this new MacBook will have a higher-resolution display, and will no longer need a fan. Also, debunking previous rumors, the device will not move to one of Apple’s “A-series” processors.” The device will also forego the inclusion of a mechanical trackpad, getting rid of the physical click.

The question is how Apple plans to market this new device. It will be “thinner/lighter” than the current MacBook Air, but will have a retina display like the higher-end MacBook Pro. Where will this device fall?


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