Winocm triple-boots iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7 on iPad 2

A new video by renowned iOS hacker winocm has been released, demonstrating his hacked iPad 2 which can triple-boot (yes. triple-boot.) the last three major iOS releases.

(Since some people can’t tell the difference between say, iOS 5 and iOS 6 based on icons. Oh well. Hopefully the massively white iOS 7 UI will open your eyes. Oh yeah, no evasi0n7 either. :D )


release in 7 years..?

This video was released only a day or two after his previous posting, which showed an iPad 2 dual-booting iOS 5 and iOS 6. That video was met with much criticism with ignorant iOS users all over the net calling it a fake.

Winocm has not mentioned whether or not he even plans to release this software to the masses, but jokingly notes at the end of his video description that maybe we’ll see a “release in 7 years..?”

Can’t wait for 2021.

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