Apple has quietly sold its 500 millionth iPhone

iOS 7 on iPhone 5CWhile Apple is known for making a big deal out of its numbered achievements, this one seems to have come and gone fairly quietly with absolutely no mention from the Cupertino corporation. Sometime within the last few weeks, Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone–an amazing achievement.

Steve Jobs notably pushed the team behind the first iPhone to sell 10 million for the 2008 year, and many laughed at him when the company sold justĀ 717,000 iPhones in the next quarter and was being dwarfed by the monster that was Nokia. But no longer, Apple now sells 717,000 iPhones every two days. Apple sold more iPhones last quarter than Nokia has sold in its Lumia line ever.

It took 4 years before the iPhone reached 100 million sold, the 300 millionth sold sometime in 2012, and the company likely passed the 500 million mark sometime in March of this year.

When did you buy your iPhone?

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