NetworkModeMenu tweak coming soon to iOS 7

att-4g-lte-logoA new tweak, called NetworkModeMenu, is on its way to iOS 7 if a new concept vide posted on Vine is to be believed. The tweak intends to give users the ability to decide which kind of cellular network they would like their iPhone to stay connected to. For example, AT&T and 3G  and 4G are available and you only want to use 3G to save data, this tweak will lock it in.

Check out the Vine of the tweak in action below:

This tweak extends the built-in “Enable LTE” feature that is found in While that feature lets you turn off LTE (if it’s available), there may be different kinds of networks available and you may be interested in making sure your phone sticks to the one you want. Apple’s products usually try to make the best decision for us, but sometimes users just want full control over every aspect of their device. That’s what jailbreaking is for, right?

Is this a tweak you’d be interested in?

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