This Apple iTie is a horrible idea

A new video released by Tomislav Zvonarić shows a very unique concept dubbed the iTie. It’s a horrible idea, and I would never be okay with this becoming a real thing.

“I actually think that most people around the globe expect to see some cool new gadgets from Apple fairly soon. There’s lots of Apple-branded concepts out there already like the ‘iWatch’ and the ‘iRing’, so why not an iTie from the land of the tie – Croatia!?”

Yes, it’s true that we expect some innovative gadgets from Apple, but a tie with a camera on it is not one of them. Also, why would anyone ever use those social media patterns? I would much prefer not to be a walking Facebook billboard.

The one cool thing about this video though, is something I hope eventually comes to clothing. The ability to tap a button and have a design on our clothes. I want a futuristic t-shirt store that offers a variety of designs, all displayable on my one t-shirt. And the tech in that shirt would be so unnoticeable that it just looks and feels like a real shirt. Come on, Apple. Let’s do it.

via PhoneCruncher

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