Apple reduces 30-day iPhone return policy to 14 days

iPhone return policy

Apple has quietly reduced its iPhone return policy from 30 days to 14 days in the United States, according to the company’s official retail website. The change aligns the iPhone with Apple’s standard 14-day return policy on all other products it sells, ranging from iPads and iPods to Macs and Apple TVs. The return policy in Canada has also been shorted to 15 days.


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Reddit thread shares some funny stories about working for Apple support

Reddit thread shares some funny stores about working for Apple support


Everyone loves Reddit, and this particular thread caught my attention. User apple_throw apparently just quit his job working for Apple support (i.e., AppleCare), and he has shared various tidbits and stories from his time there. The funniest? That’s easy: (more…)

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Glass panel at Apple’s 5th avenue store shattered by snowblower


Well this is crazy. Apple’s iconic 5th avenue glass “cube” retail store, which is made up of 15 humongous glass panels, seemingly stayed open last night following some severe damage to one of these glass panels. According to a report from 9to5Mac, the panel suffered injury thanks to a snowblower that accidentally knocked into it.  (more…)

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iBeacons are now being used at Apple Stores in the US

Included in iOS 7 is a location technology known as “iBeacon.” This technology was designed for use in physical locations where different spaces might give off relevant signals. TidBITS explains it thusly:

…because the point of iBeacons is to help you find things — or, rather, to help your iOS device to find itself. iBeacons is the general name for a set of additions to the Core Location framework that developers can use when designing apps: it isn’t a new piece of hardware, nor a new app, but a capability. Apps can use iBeacons to answer the question “Where am I?” not in terms of a location on a map, like GPS does, but in terms of where the device is relative to another device. Specifically, where it is relative to another device acting as an iBeacon.

Apple has rolled the technology out to its US retail stores, according to the AP. (more…)

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Apple giving away 8 free holiday songs via Apple Store app


Apple has been giving away a variety of freebies via its own Apple Store app for a while now, but today it has topped all previous offering with the introduction of what’s called the “Holiday Cheer” playlist. The playlist contains 8 songs–suitably holiday classics–which are downloadable absolutely free of charge via a unique redemption code.

What songs, you ask?

  • “Ave Maria” by Il Vollo,
  • “Children Go Where I Send Thee” by Nik Lowe,
  • “Duck the Halls” by The Robertsons,
  • “Joy to the World” by Celtic Woman,
  • Silent Night” by Kelly Clarkson,
  • “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an open Fire)” by Kool and the Gang,
  • “The First Noel” by Mary J. Blige
  • and “What Child is This” by Marvin Sapp

Careful, as Apple says the songs are only available through December 31st, and warns that content is subject to availability.

via AppleInsider

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Black Friday deals: share your favorites!

While Thanksgiving isn’t a Holiday observed around the world, the blowout shopping day after it generally is. Large corporations and online stores use the day as a way to kick off the Holiday shopping season by enticing users with deals and other promotions.

Apple is focusing on gift cards this year, with various Macs, iPhones, iPads, and other products being sold alongside a card of variable value. These deals are already live in some parts of the world (New Zealand, Australia), and are going live as midnight strikes in other places.

But Apple isn’t the only company to offer products at a discount. Share your favorite deals on electronics in the comments!

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Tim Cook thanks Apple employees, gives Thanksgiving week off


Ending what has been an eventful 3rd calendar quarter for Apple, Tim Cook has this morning sent out a letter to all employees thanking them for their hard work, congratulating them, and extending the Thanksgiving holiday to give the entire Apple team paid time off this holiday season.

I realize many of you worked tirelessly to bring us this far. I know it required great personal sacrifice…In recognition of your incredible efforts and achievements, I’m happy to announce that we’re extending the Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Apple will be shutting down on November 25th, 26th, and 27th, allowing employees the entire week off. Apple retail, AppleCare, and international employees will not be given those three days but will be granted equivalent paid time off at a later date. Cook also takes pride in the fact that Apple stands for more than just its products–the company also intends to be a “force for good in our world.”

Good guy Tim Cook. Hit the break for the entire email embed. (more…)

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In-store pickup option for online iPhone 5s orders makes a comeback


Apple began offering an in-store pickup option for online orders of the new iPhone 5s last Monday, regardless of almost no gold stock available and extreme shortages for the other two colors. The next day, likely because the Cupertino corporation wanted to leave stock for walk-in brick-and-mortar store customers, the option was taken offline.

But today, as reported by MacRumors (and as predicted by 9to5Mac last week), the option has been reinstated. However, as is to be expected, supply is still very tight and the phone is still only available at select Apple stores. The silver and gold models are showing the most limited supply, with the “Space Gray” model being out of stock at most locations as well.

Have you had any luck getting your hands on an iPhone 5s?


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Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App for iOS 7


While all of the default apps apart of iOS 7 have fittingly been updated to match iOS 7 aesthetic, there are still many Apple-built apps available on the App Store which have yet to be updated visually. This morning, Apple has has released what is surely the first of many updates to these apps – this one being the Apple Store app. The app has been updated with iOS 7 compatibility, been given a new icon and has been “optimized for iOS 7 with a refined user interface.”

As MacRumors notes, the app appears to have nearly identical functionality as compared to its iOS 6 and earlier counterpart. Reports released earlier this week said, however, that Apple plans to add functionality allowing the app to show the in-stock status of various iPhone models (specifically iPhone 5s) at local Apple Retail Stores. It’s still to be seen if this will turn out to be true, but seeing the supposedly strained iPhone 5s supply, such functionality would make sense.

[App Store via MacRumors]

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The Next-Generation iPhone Waiting Line Has Already Begun


While anxious fans lining up outside of Apple retail stores for the latest iPhone, iPad or other device certainly isn’t uncommon, often done as promotional stunts, the two campers pictured above are especially early to be waiting. Apple’s September 10th media event is still four days away, and no new products have even been announced or confirmed yet.

Nevertheless, these two guys from Cincinnati-based SellYourMac have already setup their chairs ahead of a long two-week wait. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S and mid-range iPhone 5C at its media event next week, but an actual release date might not follow until September 20th or later. Marshmallows, anyone?


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