iPhone 6 could have additional built-in sensors

iPhone 5S FrontAdditional details are beginning to emerge about the next-generation iPhone. According to a report from Chinese microblog Weibo, the so-called “iPhone 6″ could feature a number of different built-in sensors for temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure… (more…)

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Microsoft could unveil Office for iPad on March 27th

Office-Word-iPadFollowing decades of leadership under Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft is now headed by a new CEO named Satya Nadella. Despite being on the job for a short amount of time, Nadella is preparing for his first live interview at a so-called special event. And he could enter the scene with a bang…  (more…)

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Would you care if Game Center is removed?

gamecenterIn addition to introducing Healthbook, TextEdit and Preview, Apple is said to be considering making changes to certain stock applications for iOS 8. According to Mark Gurman, a blogger with a strong track record at reporting on rumors, one of the primary changes could be the removal of Game Center from both iOS and OS X…  (more…)

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A8 chip already being made at TSMC

apple A7 chip

The next-generation System-on-a-Chip that is likely to power the iPhone 6, along with future iPad models, is already being fabricated at TSMC, according to a report from the Commercial Times of Taiwan (Google translate version here). The Commercial Times asserts that the A8 chip could be quad-core, and would also be 64-bit (as is the A7).

[Commercial Times via MacRumors]

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Motorola to announce next-generation Moto X in late summer

motoxMotorola hinted on Twitter today that it will be unveiling its next-generation Moto X smartphone in late summer. The mobility company neglected to provide any further details, although rumors point towards the obvious: improved hardware specifications and the latest version of Android. Further information about a specific release date or pricing details remains unknown…  (more…)

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Another report says Apple will release larger iPhones this year


Yet another report out of Taiwan is stating that Apple will release two larger iPhone models this year. One will be 4.7″, while the other will be 5.6″, according to the rumor. This falls in line with other rumors that have circulated since the end of last year, and so it therefore seems likely.

However, the report also states something that doesn’t seem at all possible. (more…)

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Concept video shows off a 13″ iPad Pro running OS X


An interesting new concept video demonstrates what a 13″ iPad Pro might look like running Mac OS X. The video is completely, 100% fake, and will likely never actually happen — Apple has made it clear that it considers iOS to be designed for touch screens, while OS X is made for a keyboard and mouse. I agree. But, with that aside, I do enjoy at least watching what a potential xPad might look like (pretty clever name, huh?). Catch the video after the read link. (more…)

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Yesterday’s leaked iPhone 6 photos are fake

Yesterday’s large iPhone 6 “leak” has been confirmed to be fake, and are actually in fact just some very good renderings. The renderings come from Martin Hajek. You can view the debunking images for yourself, but the evidence that these are fake is fairly conclusive.

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