How to password protect apps with Touch ID

AsphaleiaThere are several jailbreak tweaks available for password protecting individual apps and other areas of an iOS device, but Asphaleia takes security one step further with Touch ID. The tweak can be used to secure apps on a one-by-one basis, with a number of options to configure through the Settings app…  (more…)

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p0sixspwn: How to get an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

How to get an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 using p0sixspwn (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

p0sixspwnWhile an untethered jailbreak was released for iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 just last week, it was restricted to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and fourth-generation iPod touch. Early this morning, the release of p0sixspwn changed that. The new tool, developed by iH8sn0w and winocm, extends the jailbreak to all devices capable of running the aforementioned software versions.

This jailbreak is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 4 (CDMA), iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 5G. If you have a Mac running OS X Lion or later, iFans forum member Tkf1 has prepared a step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak with p0sixspwn. There is no Windows version of p0sixspwn as of writing, although it is expected soon.

The release of p0sixspwn has been fairly controversial within the jailbreaking community, as iOS security researcher pod2g claims that it burns exploits that could have been used towards future jailbreaks. Moreover, many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have already updated to iOS 7. What do you think? Was the release of p0sixspwn an ill-advised move, or does it remain important to cater to those that have stuck to older iOS versions?

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HOW TO: Untethered Jailbreak for iPhones on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5

HOW TO: Untethered Jailbreak for iPhones on iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5

pwnagetoolWhile most users have already moved on to iOS 7 and evasi0n7, there are still some iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G owners that continue to run iOS 6.1.3 through 6.1.5. And now, thanks in part to iH8sn0w, there is an untethered jailbreak for those devices. Look inside for the full tutorial by iFans forum member Tkf1.

Thanks, Tristan!

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Jailbreak Trick: How to Install an App Twice

Multiple duplicate iOS appsIf you share your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with someone else, or have multiple accounts, you might find it useful to be able to install an app twice — or maybe even three times. If so, iFans forum member abdallah has come to your rescue, with a tutorial on the discussion forums that outlines how to install an app more than once.

You will need a jailbroken iOS device and a plist editor such as iFunBox for Mac and PC, or iFile directly from Cydia. The rest of the steps are outlined in the tutorial thread, and these instructions should be followed at your own risk. There are risks that can be encountered by manually tampering with iOS software.

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How to Duplicate Items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft ItemiFans forum member iBattery has posted a tutorial on how to duplicate items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the iPhone and iPad adaption of the popular cube-based game for Mac, PC, Xbox and other platforms.

Following the steps outlined below “allows you to turn one item into two, two into four, four into eight, and so on,” according to the user. “It works with any item, but only one type of item at a time.” Full step-by-step instructions follow…  (more…)

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How to Reset Your Thunderbolt Display


This quick tip will explain how to reset the Thunderbolt display, the 27-inch external monitor and Cinema Display successor that Apple has been selling since mid 2011. The need to reset a Thunderbolt Display can stem from a myriad of reasons: the inability to detect an Apple keyboard or other USB peripheral, the need to reset the System Management Controller (SMC), no image showing on the display and so forth.

To reset the Thunderbolt Display is actually quite a simple task that involves just four steps: unplug the Thunderbolt cable from the Mac that you have the display connected to, unplug all devices and peripherals from the USB slots and other ports, unplug the AC power cord and leave the display powered off for 30 seconds.

After you have followed the above instructions, you should have successfully reset your Thunderbolt display. You can then proceed to turn the display back on, after the power cord is plugged back in, and then reconnect the Thunderbolt cable and all USB devices and other peripherals.

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You Dropped Your iPod Touch in Water: How to Repair and Prevent Water Damage

iPod touch water damage“I dropped my iPod touch in the toilet” or “I dropped my iPod touch in the pool” are two common phrases we hear from iPod touch users within the iFans forums, and most of these people think that the outlook of their water-damaged device is bleak. Fortunately, that is usually not the case.

Most damage to an iPod touch as a result of coming in contact with water — such as the pool, toilet, or sink — can be fixed for less than the cost of replacing the iPod touch altogether. Ahead, we’ve outlined potential remedies for your water-damaged iPod and preventative measures you can take going forward.  (more…)

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Inside iOS 7: How to Enable or Disable Control Center on iPhone and iPod Touch

iOS 7 Control Center 1 iOS 7 Control Center 2

Control Center is a useful new feature on iOS 7 that brings quick toggles to the iPhone, iPod touch and soon iPad, accessible by swiping up from the lock screen or home screen, but perhaps you don’t want to have the arrow icon showing on the bottom of your lock screen. Not to worry.

To enable or disable Control Center on the lock screen in iOS 7, simply navigate to Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen and switch the toggle off. It’s that easy. This method applies to all devices that support iOS 7: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and soon the iPad and iPad mini.

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How to Block iMessage, FaceTime and Phone Contacts in iOS 7

messagesThe three most common communication mediums on iPhone are Messages, FaceTime and Phone, yet the trio of services were lacking a crucial feature until now: the ability to block another user.

That has all changed with iOS 7, thankfully, as Apple finally allows you to block contacts that are perhaps a touch on the annoying side. When you add a contact to the list, that user is unable to send you phone calls, messages or FaceTime requests.  (more…)

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iSynergy for iOS: How to Use Synergy on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iSynergySynergy is a popular tool for OS X and Windows that allows you to share your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers at your workstation. Thanks to the jailbreaking community, the functionality can be extended to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by using the iSynergy client for iOS. Find out how.

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