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Apple's Keynote: All of The Rumors Confirmed, Again...


Super Mario Run
Super Mario is coming to iOS thanks to Nintendo. Single-handed gameplay, tap to jump, while Mario automatically runs. The game is slated to release at a fixed price, so that means no IAPs. At least someone understand we hate IAPs.

Apple Watch
Pokémon Go will be on the Apple Watch. Keeps track of your travel distance (will this correlate to in-game for eggs?), notify you of hatching eggs and Pokémon, and stop at Pokéstops.

Hardware Updates
New Apple Watch, series 2, announced. The Watch will be rated for 50m water, so swimming is no longer an issue. The use the speaker to drain out water from the speaker ports while sealing the rest of the Watch tight. Spec updates to the processor (dual core, 50% faster), GPU, and GPS.

New Apple Watches (sport, original) will get an updated...
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So the Apple event is in less than a week it seems. What is everyone expecting to see? New iPhones? New Apple Watch? Is anyone excited to see anything? Apple events aren't quite what they used to be, they used to hold a lot more excitement, but really aren't all that anymore. Something seems to have been lost. Either way though, new hardware.
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Google has decided to enter the watch band / strap business with their own line of Google Mode Watch Bands. They plan to release two models of straps in their Mode line, in a variety of colors. The silicone rubber models will retail for just under 50 dollars, right where Apple places their Sport band and come in 6 different colors. On the other hand, Google will offer their leather bands in 10 different colors starting at just under 60 dollars.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.48.09 PM.png

Their bands all use a nifty little latching system that allows them to be swapped quickly and efficiently. Their new proprietary system will rival that of the standard spring bar latch and Apple's own proprietary system.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.48.32 PM.png

With all this said, Hadley Roma will spearhead each of these bands utilizing their craft that has had over a century to master. I expect these to be high quality bands, and may even pick up a set myself.

I should note...
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So the whole time I needed to do any sort of photography work (editing, taking pics, etc.) on my iPhone at night, since Night Shift was introduced, I always complained that there was no real quick way to shut it off without traversing through menus... It would be nice if it would automatically shut off, temporarily, when you did anything that needed the colors to be accurate, guess beggars can't be choosers...

Well, today I stumbled upon this nice toggle in the control center...

Yup, that's a quick toggle for Night Shift mode. Not sure if anyone realized this was added. For those that didn't, there you go! For those that did, congrats!
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Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.10.25 PM.png
If you look at the Apple Watch Hermés website and scroll down, you'll find some new band offerings that come direct from Hermés, a company known for its ultra-premium leather offerings. The new bands, and old, come in a variety of colors from brown, orange, white, teal, and blue. They look great in the pictures, and probably feel great in the hand...

Just one question, how many kidneys will I have to pony up for one of these?
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It's been over a year since Apple released its Apple Watch. The entry level Sport recently saw a drop in price, and many people (nearly 1/3 according to Apple) are mixing it up with different bands. I guess I fit into that 1/3 as I do regularly swap out the band of my Apple Watch depending on my attire and event that I'm going to. That said, I've built up quite a collection of bands.

Below, is an overview of all the bands I've tested and played around with over the past year. They include 3rd party bands, Apple's own collection, as well as relevant knockoffs. So let's get started on the third party ones.

The following bands are in the roundup:
  • Aragon Android Tungsten Band
  • Generic Nylon Band
  • Koncept Leather Leather Band
  • Monowear Design Leather Band
  • Pad & Quill Classic Leather Band
  • Apple Classic Buckle
  • Chinese Leather Loop (clone only)
  • Apple Link Bracelet (and clones)
  • Apple Milanese Loop (and clone)
  • Apple Modern Buckle (and clone)...
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MEE audio | In-Ear Monitors | $199.99


MEE audio, previously known as MEelectronics, has really created a name for themselves in the world of audio, and thusly, have given themselves a proper rename. With that comes a new flagship in-ear monitor that utilizes a single dynamic driver for the lows, mids, and highs. The Pinnacle P1 is the best offering MEE audio has done to date and rightfully takes the place as their flagship.


With the new flagship comes a stunning design. The brass-colored housings have a beautiful brushed design with a glossy finish on the outside. The coloring, in a way, has some slight colorations that give it a look akin to what a patina is for leather. This gives the IEMs a sophisticated, modern look that is really stunning up close.


Design: ★★★★


MEE audio gave the Pinnacle P1 a very smooth signature that is lush...
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Apple has just announced a press event on Monday March the 21st, at 10AM PDT. More details can be found on their website.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 18.40.21.png
iPod Touch Loop 2 confirmed?

While they haven't mentioned what the event will be about, there has been speculation on a few possible products:
- Smaller iPad Pro, carrying the same internal specs as iPad Pro, but in a 9.8 inch size with Apple Pencil and Smart Connector support
- iPhone SE, with iPhone 6S specs but in a 4 inch size

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So, a few months back, I bought a Chinese knockoff of Apple's Steel Link Bracelet. Aesthetically, however, it brought what would be indistinguishable from Apple's real thing from a distance. It's build wasn't as good, finish not as polished, and lacked that tight attention to detail. It didn't close and open as smoothly either. That wasn't the problem I had with it though, I was expecting all of that when I got it... What I wasn't expecting was this:

That was me opening the band with a flick of a wrist. Though it looks like I put a lot of force into it, it really didn't require much force. With that said, I'd personally avoid the Chinese knockoff steel link bracelets for this reason. Not fun whatsoever...
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PSB Speakers | In-Ear Monitors | $ 299.00


PSB Speakers isn’t a very well known company here on iFans, however, I’ve reviewed, and been a fan of their sister company, NAD for quite some time now. PSB has been known in the headphone business for their accurate reproduction of sound, and that is just what the PSB M4U 4 offers its listeners.


The semi-pill-shaped headphones create a very unique shape that is doesn’t really scream flashy. Part of this is due to the simplicity of the matted, metal faceplate that sits right outside the ear with the PSB Speakers logo in the middle. The design is subtle and not created to attract attention, though I feel the white model may be a little flashier than the black one.


Design: ★★★★


The PSB M4U 4 offers a sound that is pretty close to being neutral. It has a slight warmth to it and a softness to the treble, so in reality, it follows...