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Google Updates Chromecast with 2 Chromecast

Both, yes, I said both, of Google's new Chromecast devices look the same as they use the same housing. They are designed for two different things, however, one for audio and one for video. Both of the devices offer improved connectivity and wifi. Both Chromecast and Chromecast Audio will retail for 35 dollars and are available today.

The standard Chromecast (along with the older models) will see updated features through software. The "What's On" feature, for example, will suggest shows and videos based on your apps and other information compounded for you. Additionally, the new design allows for an integrated HDMI cable and an easier time connecting it to the TV.

Chromecast Audio is meant to be like Sonos, but without the physical speaker. It replaces the HDMI cable for 3 forms of audio: a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, RCA, and optical connections. Any app that supports streaming will be supported by Chromecast Audio,...
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Google Offers Family Plan for Google Music

Though Google Music was only touched on today, the addition of a family plan was announced. The cost matches that of Spotify and Apple Music, 15 dollars, but also allows up to 6 people. If I'm not mistaken, that's more than either of the competitors offer.

Source: http://gizmodo.com/googles-new-family-plan-for-music-is-a-damn-good-deal-1733584753
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Google Offers 2 New Nexus Phones

It seems like Google is taking the Apple route and introducing 2 new Nexus phones this year instead of the normal single, one-size-fits-all device. The 5X and 6P both enter the Nexus lineup as the new flagships for Google.

Both devices will have some similar new hardware, mainly 2 things will allow them to align, but that's about it. They both will feature USB-C for charging and wired data transfer. Additionally, Google has introduced its Nexus Imprint feature. It's a round fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone that can be used for unlocking the device as well as other 3rd party apps. I'm sure there is an API for it as well.

Nexus 5X

The 5X is more of an updated Nexus 5. It'll feature a 5.2" display with updated internals. The phone features a Snapdragon 808 with 2 GB of RAM. The cameras used are a 5 MP for your selfies and a 13 MP for the back (f2.0) that supports 4k video. It'll be available in white, black, and a...
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Let us know if you got an iPhone 6S! What are your impressions?
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iPhone 6s: A Natural Update to the 6


Well, today is launch day for the iPhone 6s. Those of you lucky enough to get one in hand, congrats. I reserved an iPhone 6s in rose gold in the 64 GB variety at my local Apple Store (first time actually purchasing an iPhone from a physical Apple Store :p). That said, the new iPhone really does feel like last years model with a couple defining features.

Design and Feel

Many of us know what the iPhone looks like by now, it's essentially last years model that has grown by about .1 mm in each direction. The new model uses a a heavier alloy of aluminum, the 7000 series which adds weight along with the new Taptic engine. The extra heft is actually nice to have. Higher mass means that it's harder to fumble the phone around. That said, this aluminum should pass the bend test quite well (I never had the issue with the 6, but others have).


My choice of color was really out of...
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So a security firm is looking for a security exploit... So much so that they're willing to payout one million (1,000,000) dollars to the person who finds it. Granted one million dollars doesn't seem like a lot of money, but if you've got the exploit, now's the time to do it.

There are a couple requirements for the exploit though:
  • It must work through Mobile Safari or Chrome on default settings
  • Webpage targeting any app reachable through said browser
  • A text message or media file delivered through an SMS or MMS message

Source: http://arstechnica.com/information-...-1-million-bounty-for-ios-jailbreak-exploits/
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So, Apple is busy cleaning a class of malware that has gone live on the App Store as of late. It seems that the malware is specific to Chinese locations/stores, however, it still is around. It started with the malware provider tricking developers into using a different version of Xcode which builds the apps to send device information (serial numbers, addresses, etc.) to the malware creators to use at their own disposal.

Source: http://gizmodo.com/apple-is-cleaning-the-app-store-of-its-first-major-malw-1731999428
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One of the key features Apple introduced in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is 3D Touch, the capability of the touchscreen detecting different touch pressures and providing different contextual options. Since the announcement, there have been many comments among fans about how the feature can be simulated by detecting touch duration or change in contact radius, and the new Cydia tweak ForceTouchActivator by developer Ethan Arbuckle is one such example in practice.


ForceTouchActivator is an Activator listener that detects a tap and hold with an increase in contact radius between the finger and the touchscreen. While it's not the same as having 3D Touch hardware, the tweak operates on a similar principle. Once installed, it appears under Activator and can be set to trigger events with a simple tap and press. It doesn't require much force, yet is accurate enough not to mis-detect other taps and swipes. Currently I have it set up to...
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is it that time of year already? I guess it is. Google has announced the next Nexus event occurring on September 27th. With just over a week and a half to go, what are you expecting to see at the event? Comment below.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015...mises-tasty-new-treats-at-september-29-event/
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Well, I've finally had a chance to crack open the box for my Pebble Time Steel that I preordered before I purchased my Apple Watch. Coming from a Pebble Steel (and Pebble original) before the Apple Watch, I was excited to finally get the always-on color display.

So let's take a look at what I will and will not go over during this comparison:
Ergonomics and Design
Hardware Features
Real-World Use

Note that there are a few things that won't be looked over. In particular, specific apps between the Watch and Time Steel. Though some points will be made regarding apps in the real-world use section, it will not be a major part in this article.

Ergonomics and Design

The iPod Touch 2G/3G and iPhone 3G/3GS both had designs that fit the hand like a glove in such a beautiful manner. On the other hand, they've also had their fair share of designs that aren't ergonomic, the iPhone 6 is actually an example of that (have you ever had to use the 6 as a...