Major problem!!! Please help

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    My 2g is jailbroken with installer and cydia, I also have tons of things installed so I used the cydia app categories to clump them all in 1 folder. However this backfired completely freezing my iPod so I put it into DFU and reiNstalled the jailbreak. When I turned back on everything was there but my font had changed back and now I can't return it to my other font for some reason. Also whenever I respring, each time it jumbles up all my icons and lastly there is a blank app space whenever I try to delete it it calls it a bookmark and every time I press delete it freezes on me. My iPod was working fine before this so is there a way to fix the problems whilst keeping all my themes and apps etc. If I restore back to my custom firmware what will it delete? Will I have to resync and redownload all the themes and stuff like installer?

    Edit: I have also tried resetting the home screen and that did nothing.
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    come on guys please help