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    MEE Audio X7 Plus
    MEE Audio tends to be the manufacturer I think of when I think of good audio for the price. The MEE Audio X7 Plus is their current BT IEM that is geared towards the active lifestyle. It has an upbeat sound that is quick to fit and fairly attractive to the eye.

    The design of the X7 Plus reminds me of the higher-end over-ear IEMs that exist on the market... Except these are bigger, much better. The black and silver, plastic bodies will blend right into any sort of attire you go around with. The housings are large, but aren't flashy. Overall, the design works well and looks good.


    Design: ☆☆☆☆☆

    A general, all-purpose V-shaped signature greets listeners of the X7 Plus. The signature isn't overwhelming and quite versatile; for the gym rat to the casual listener, the signature isn't offensive or overdone while providing quite a bit of fun to the overall sound.

    We'll start down low with the stronger mid-bass focus which gives the low end some thicker weight for a nice thump. This provides the X7 with a good impact. The bass isn't the fastest by any means and could be a little tighter. The sub-bass presence is just enough to be felt and offers good texturing overall. With that said, the bass offers good quantity with strong depth.

    The midrange offers a good sweetness and clarity overall. Vocals hold strong energy in the upper octaves giving strong dynamics to both male and female alike, but female more than male. Detailing is as I'd expect from a V-shaped signature, granted it could be a little better in this regard, it is enough. Clarity, as stated before, is very strong and gives a very melodic midrange.

    Climbing up into the higher end of the spectrum, we do find a good snap to the snares that give the music some energy, but never coming close to overbearing. The upper ranges offers excellent detailing and crispness... Almost too much crispness since it heads borderline thin. Overall, the treble is still good in terms of quality.

    Audio: ☆☆☆☆½

    MEE Audio supplements their wired, wireless Bluetooth buds with a nice semi-hard carrying case. It's small enough to fit in a pocket when one is on the go. The case is large enough to store the headphones and all of its accessories.


    The housings on the X7 are made entirely of plastic. The plastic seems durable so long as you aren't going to put it through a torture test. Through normal use (including some active), they should last quite a while.


    There is a single cable that connects the two IEMs to each other. This is a thicker cable with strong stiffness. It's pretty short (due to its form factor); I don't see this as a potential area of failure simply because it typically won't go through any sort of stress.



    MEE Audio includes a small selection of buds with their BT X7, specifically, 3 pairs of silicone tips are included which do the job well. I should note that I do run into driver flex when using the X7 headphones, which is a little unfortunate. Foam tips may help alleviate this, though none are included.


    Comfort: ☆☆☆☆½

    MEEAudio prices the X7 Plus at the 100 dollar price point. For Bluetooth headphones, this is really a big sweet spot. They aren't cheap, but they also aren't super expensive. For the sound quality and form factor you get, it's a great value actually. There is some functionality I would like to have, like the ability to play audio even after they die. Though that may be difficult to do in a form factor like this.


    I should make a note about volume and power. The X7 provides quite a bit of volume when running 256 AAC (iTunes+) to the point where even at the lowest volume, it can be just a tad louder than I like it to be. It's shame really if you prefer your music at a lower level. If you want to boost volume, this is a good thing though.


    Overall, the headphones charge through standard USB, so no proprietary cables here and sound great. The build is respectable and the comfort very good.

    Value: ☆☆☆☆½

    Final Thoughts The MEE Audio X7 Plus are a good in-ear Bluetooth headphone to help you cut the cords... Sort of. It offers great sound quality and a great overall package. It's not that it doesn't have any caveats; none of them are enough for me not to recommend this product. The X7 Plus stand as a good all-around wireless system whether you're a casual listener, on the go, at the gym, or on a long run.

    Overall Score

    MEE Audio X7 Plus