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    Jan 16, 2008
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    A few days ago I downloaded the Winpwn beta and prepared my iPod touch to be pwned (backing up all my music, video, pic files, etc.). Before I pwned I restored my iPod touch to 1.1.4 factory settings... I pwned my iPod and nothing went wrong. I made a custom firmware successfully and am currently running it :] (with default winpwn boot/restore logos)

    The only problems I had were:
    -When you're pwning your iPod it doesn't ask you to put it in restore mode, it says (implied) it's going to put it in restore mode for you. It simply displays a pop-up message saying "Your iPod touch is now in restore mode." I looked down at my iPod... and of course it wasn't XD I put it in restore mode and everything went great from there

    -The time in takes to START pwning and especially START creating a custom firmware is long. After I clicked on 'create custom .ipsw' it took approximately 10-15 minutes just for it to start working. I thought it wasn't working at first and clicked cancel... I tried again and just waited :/

    After the pwning/jailbrake I checked all my apps, youtube and customize weren't working, but I know this was just a firmware issue not a Winpwn issue. They're fixed now ;]